Need for Speed Payback June Update Adds New Cars, Vanity Items, Abandoned Cars and More


After a long hiatus, Need for Speed Payback is finally getting a new update this June, adding three new cars, new vanity items, 24 new rims, customizable quick races in AllDrive, Wrap Slot Limit increases and a whole lot more!

Three New Cars are being added alongside this update. A new paid DLC car pack will be available for players to purchase:

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Try your luck in a gambler's paradise with this sleek ride. Its distinct Italian design sends a message when it rolls up to the starting line: you can't beat class.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

This off-roader is ready to tear up the streets and the sands of Fortune Valley. With a beefed up engine, you'll leave the competition in a cloud of dust!

Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR

A ride this burly leaves an impression on and off-road. Those looks aren't just for show—it looks and drives like a beast.

AllDrive: Quick Races and All Drive: Chat Wheel are new additions to the AllDrive free-roam multiplayer experience. You can create your own races in AllDrive and invite everyone in your Hangout session to join. Select a destination, send an invite to other players on the server, and be the first across the finish line. The Chat Wheel will let you select an emote which will be displayed above your car for racers to see. 

Fresh new Abandoned Cars have been added to the weekly updated roster, this time including all ten of the unique Street League Boss Vehicles, as well as 'iconic Need for Speed rides'.  We've got all the current Abandoned Car location guides, and we will be sure to update them weekly with the new Abandoned Cars. 


Car Level 299 Caps have now been removed entirely. All Cars can now reach 399, meaning vehicles originally capped at 299 can now be equipped with parts from Level 13-18.

New Vanity Items: Rims, Horns and Underglows. Headlining the latest Vanity Items are the addition of new rims, with 24 unique rims from 3DSM, fifteen52 and HRE Performance Wheels for players to customize their ride even further. You can check out the list of new rims below:

  • Fifteen 52
    • Outlaw 003, Penta GT 3 Piece, Evo SC Block 3 Piece, RSR Apex 3 Piece, RSR Chicane 3 Piece, RSR Holeshot 3 Piece, RSR Stage 3 Piece, TurboMac SC 3 Piece
  • ·3SDM
    • 3.0 1 V2, 3.01 FX2, 3.05, 3.33 FX2, 3.06 FR, 3.35 FX2, 3.41 FR, 3.66 FR
  • HRE
    • 305 Mono, 935, C109, P200, R101, RS106, S107, S201H

If you're curious what these rims look like, check out this photo gallery of all 24 of the new rims, courtesy of ItsGam3r on Twitter.

A whole slew of new Underglows are being added in the form of Multicolor Underglows. These underglows come in a huge variety with different rarity levels, consisting of multiple animated colours that cycle between each colour. In addition, four new cop car vanity horns are being added.


Wrap Slot Limit has been Increased. No more worrying about having to delete old wraps in order to create new ones, the wrap slot limit has now increased from 50 to 100.

This patch is filled with smaller features, with the ability to now toggle the UI on and off whenever you like. Speedlist Collisions have now been paused at the beginning of races for the first 10 seconds, removing any issues players may have taking off from the starting line.

This update will launch on June 19th 2018 for all platforms, with pricing for the car pack currently unknown. Are you excited to jump back into Need for Speed Payback with new content on the way, or are you more excited for other upcoming games instead? Share your thoughts on this update down below!