Rumor: A New Ratchet & Clank Game is in Development for PS4


It’s been almost three years since the last Ratchet & Clank installment, with Insomniac Games since focusing their efforts on the recently-released ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ leading many to believe a new entry in the series wouldn’t be coming any time soon. However, if a new rumour is to be believed, a new Ratchet & Clank game is currently in development for PS4.

Several weeks ago, discussion arose from a comment made by former IGN editor and Kinda Funny Games host Colin Moriarty, who tweeted that there's a fairly substantial PS4 exclusive yet to be announced from second party.

During Colin’s recent podcast episode of CLS: Knockback (currently Patreon exclusive), he hinted that “we haven't seen the last of Ratchet and Clank on PS4” and that it's an open secret in the game industry - leading many to believe this ‘fairly substantial PS4 exclusive from a second party’ is in fact a new Ratchet & Clank game.


Insomniac Games are a second party studio after all, with two separate studios and a very close relationship to PlayStation. Last year it was revealed that Ratchet & Clank (2016) was the most successful Insomniac game of all time (prior to Spider-Man), something Insomniac would definitely want to capitalize on and make more Ratchet games.

Whats worrying to a long time Ratchet & Clank fan like myself, is what direction this possible new title will go in. Many have speculated that a ‘Ratchet & Clank 2’ reboot similar to the previous entry is in the cards, while many of the older fans, myself included, want it to be an entirely new story or continuing after the events of Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus (2013) and its cliffhanger credits scene.

While Ratchet & Clank (2016) was a financial and critical success, it was met with a mixed reception from the fanbase who disliked the direction Insomniac took the reboot, with many fans preferring the original idea Insomniac had for the reimagining to be a remaster of the first game than entirely changing it.


When we can expect this potential new entry is uncertain, with development of Spider-Man’s DLCs wrapping up late last year and next-gen hardware expected to launch in 2020. Its most likely Insomniac’s secondary studio, who worked mostly on the PS4 reimagining, are the studio creating this new game and have potentially been doing so since 2016 - with a possible late 2019/early 2020 release window in mind.

Are you excited about the idea of another adventure with the Lombax mechanic and his robotic pal on PS4? Are you hoping Insomniac are creating a true continuation to the Future series, or for some odd reason hoping for a ‘Ratchet & Clank 2’? Share your comments on this rumor below!

[Source: Reddit]