Gran Turismo Sport's Next Update Leaks, Includes Four New Cars and Wet Weather Tracks


A bunch of new cars are coming to Gran Turismo Sport soon, with four new cars being leaked early from a new build at this weekend’s FIA Gran Turismo Championship held at Nürburgring.

Turkish sim racer Mikail Hizal tweeted out a set of images showcasing the new cars in the Brand Central menu, which include a 1969 Camaro Z28 and even the 2019 Toyota Tundra. None of the new cars seem to be crazily expensive either, with the Camaro costing the most at 100,000 Cr. and the Tundra costing the least at 55,000 Cr.

You can check out the images of the four new cars down below:

There’s also speculation that more Wet Weather tracks may finally be making its way into Gran Turismo Sport, as revealed by a supposed event description at this weekend’s Championship mentioning a Nations Cup Repechage Match taking place in the rain at Red Bull Ring.

As of right now, the only wet weather track in Gran Turismo Sport is the infield at Northern Isle and is only used during the Driving School. Kazunori Yamauchi did mention to GTPlanet back in 2017 that wet weather circuits will return at some point, so its possible the next update will include some in addition to these four new vehicles.

The official Gran Turismo Twitter account recently tweeted to expect a few surprises during the Championship, so no doubt we can expect a reveal of next update during the stream. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if there are any developments.

[Source: Twitter, GTPlanet]

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