Gran Turismo Sport's Next Major Update Teases New Track


Polyphony Digital are teasing a new major update for Gran Turismo Sport which will launch at the end of July, much earlier and in a different fashion than what we're used to, showcasing what appears to be a brand-new track coming to the game.

Posted over on the Gran Turismo Twitter account, a 13 second short clip showcases an aerial shot of a large lake area during dawn, with several smaller islands, a large mountain off in the distance and a long bridge on the left running across the lake near a dock with several yachts. 

Check out the clip for yourself:

While we're unsure what this track may be, there's three main possibilities we can get from this teaser trailer.

The first is Circuit de la Sierra, which was also added as a post-launch track for Gran Turismo 6. Sierra is one of the largest tracks in Gran Turismo, measuring at 16.78 miles and features a bridge similar to the one showcased in that teaser. With Polyphony in the past stating they had plans to bring the track back in future entries, it being added into Gran Turismo Sport is entirely possible. 

The second is Grand Valley, one of the most popular courses among the Gran Turismo community. This course also features a bridge on its back straight, however is much different compared to the one showcased in this teaser.

The third is an entirely new track altogether. While we don't get much of a view of the circuit itself, its possible this could be a brand new track that has yet to be added into a Gran Turismo game before. 


It has yet to be announced whether any new vehicles will be added in Gran Turismo Sport's July Update, however with July only just beginning, theres still three more weeks left of the month for anymore potential news so stay tuned.

Gran Turismo Sport is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.