Forza Horizon 4 Japan Expansion Leaked by Xbox Website


Playground Games have been extremely quiet on details about Forza Horizon 4’s second expansion, but if a screenshot from Xbox themselves is to be believed, it appears that this upcoming expansion will take place in Forza’s most community-requested location - Japan.

Discovered on ResetEra by user Theorry, Xbox recently posted on their official news wire detailing the upcoming changes to the Xbox Game Bar - including Spotify integration, customization UI and more. In one of the screenshots showcasing the UI, over on the friends list tab you can see a player in-game on Forza Horizon 4 with the subtext ‘Fujimo Kaido’ beside it.

You can check out the screenshot for yourself below:


Viewing the screenshot over on the Xbox News Wire post shows the typical ‘Exploring Britain’ subtext, possibly suggesting this was an unintended reveal of the location for Forza Horizon 4’s next expansion and has since been changed.

It’s worth taking this entire ‘leak’ with a big grain of salt as we’re not buying it, for multiple reasons. The location itself is spelled incorrectly, and is the name of a fan-favourite drift track ‘Fujimi Kaido’ set in the Japanese mountains which last appeared in Forza Motorsport 4.

Additionally, this screenshot is most likely an artists mock-up of what the finalized UI will look like with the new Xbox Game Bar features, and perhaps was added as a sly tidbit like all UI designers do. There is also the high chance the screenshot was altered by the ResetEra user too.

With E3 2019 only a few weeks away and rumours of a next-gen Forza game being revealed at Microsoft’s press conference circulating, we’ll most likely hear what the team at Playground Games have been cooking up behind the scenes for the second expansion. Do you hope this Japan leak is true, or do you reckon its absolutely fake? Share your thoughts below.