Car Ticket System Appearing in Gran Turismo Sport, Possible Microtransaction System?

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20180206173544.png

A mysterious new car ticket system has begun to surface in Gran Turismo Sport following the recent Patch Update 1.18 last week which added the 2018 Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept, new events and more. 

As reported by GTPlanet, a Spanish YouTuber miguinsu captured something strange when attempting to purchase a Jaguar XJ13. As he attempts to purchase the car with his credits, the game asks if they would like to use a 'ticket' to purchase the Jaguar instead. Selecting this option didn't deduct any credits from his in-game wallet and delivered him a brand new XJ13. Miguinsu also claims that cars attained from purchasing with tickets can then also be sold for in-game credits, hence in his case an infinite credits glitch.

A Car Ticket system isn't new to the Gran Turismo series, as long-time followers of the series might recall a similar system implemented in Gran Turismo 5. In Gran Turismo 5, players would be gifted tokens to use on certain classes or vehicle types, and was then axed in Gran Turismo 6. 

While this system could be a great incentive for players offering these rewards, its possible that this currently-inactive tickets system could be setting up microtransactions later down the line. Gran Turismo Director Kazunori Yamauchi has assured fans prior to launch that microtransactions will not be present in Gran Turismo Sport, so its unknown at this point if these tickets will be used as a microtransaction currency of purchasing vehicles or not. 

Members posting in the GTPlanet forums are led to believe that these tickets could be given out for completing daily workouts if the randomly selected car you earn is a duplicate, or used as Prize Tickets for completing a series in Gran Turismo Sport's campaign mode GT League or online FIA events.


What do you think this mysterious car ticket system might be used for? Will it return in a similar fashion to what was implemented in Gran Turismo 5, will it be used as a form of microtransaction currency or will it be used as a replacement for duplicate daily workout rewards? We'll be sure to update you if this system is eventually implemented in a new update.