Jak & Daxter PS2 Classics Release on PS4 Next Week


After their initial announcement in April, we reported back in July that all four games had been rated by the ESRB and that the first title in the series, The Precursor Legacy, will be included as a pre-order incentive for those picking up Naughty Dog's latest title Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in August. 

Time has past and with no announcement on these titles in months, PlayStation has finally announced earlier today via the PlayStation Blog, that the remaining three games - Jak II, Jak 3 and Jak X Combat Racing - will be launching digitally via the PlayStation Store on 6th December. Each of the games will be sold individually, or as a bundle including all four games. 


While it was not stated in the original blog post, a PlayStation representative under the PSN ID PortableKingpin took to the comments to confirm the pricing of each game and bundle. Each will cost $14.99USD, while the bundle with all four games will cost $39.99USD. He also confirmed that Jak X will not feature online multiplayer, and that they are looking into creating an additional bundle for those who already own The Precursor Legacy through pre-ordering Lost Legacy.

One thing worth baring in mind, is that these games are NOT remasters, nor are they ports of the remastered versions that were released on the PlayStation 3 several years ago. These are direct ports from the PlayStation 2 originals, which have been up-rendered in 1080p with Trophy support - a first for Jak X - and include additional enhanced PS4 features such the ability to take screenshots and record gameplay

The Blog post also included the announcement of a new dynamic theme also launching on 6th December, which accurately recreates the iconic PlayStation 2 boot-up and dashboard screens with the exact same icons and sounds as the actual console. 

You can check out a screenshot of the new theme, as well as a video preview of the theme in action down below. 


As a massive fan of the Jak & Daxter franchise, I cannot wait to get my hands on all four of these games and that theme, especially Jak X as it has been over a decade since I last played it. However, as I already own The Precursor Legacy from pre-ordering Lost Legacy, I might hold out until the release of the bundle which includes just Jak II, 3 and X instead. 

Did you guys play Jak & Daxter on PlayStation 2 growing up and are looking forward to replaying them again on PlayStation 4? Let us know down below, and who knows, if these games sell well we might finally see a brand new Jak & Daxter game made for the PlayStation 4 instead of constantly receiving ports and remasters... *cries*