EA Removes Controversial Microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II


It's been a tough week for EA and Star Wars Battlefront II, with the discovery of Star Wars most iconic characters costing such ludicrous in-game prices and allegations of EA removing the refund option on Origin specifically for the game. 

After receiving what is now the most down-voted comment in Reddit history, EA addressed this each by slashing each characters prices by 75%, and the removal of the refund option was then later proved false. 

Today, several hours in to the official release of Battlefront II, DICE's general manager Oskar Gabrielson released a statement stating that effect of immediately, microtransactions purchases have been turned off and that all progression will be made through gameplay. Gabrielson's full statement can be found here, with an excerpt from their Twitter down below.

This is an extremely interesting change, one that I feel quite mixed on. While this is a great step and helps remove a lot of the skepticism currently surrounding the game, they will still return once they go through and adjust, balance and tune the system. Loot boxes will remain in the game, however they cannot be purchased with microtransaction currency, at least not now. 

Personally, I'm glad they've done this and helps alleviate players at launch feel as if they may be severally underpowered compared to someone who spent money on microtransactions. However, as microtransactions were the purpose behind funding Battlefront II's free content throughout it's life cycle, it has raised concerns on whether or not they'll revert back to providing the content in paid DLC packs and Season Pass model. 

The Season Pass model was what killed the original Battlefront from DICE and had a detrimental effect on Battlefield 1's life cycle, with very few players purchasing the DLC and splitting both communities player base with DLC maps that will die out from low player counts. Hopefully that's not the case with Battlefront II, and that DICE honour their free content plan while finding out a way to support the game with cosmetic micro content that doesn't result in giving players advantages.

As a massive Star Wars fan I'd love to play Battlefront II as it looks like an impressive improvement over the first and a dream Star Wars game to play, that has been unfortunately ruined by bad business practices from EA. Will you be picking up Star Wars Battlefront II now that they've made such a drastic change? Let us know down below!