Need for Speed Payback All Billboards and Gambler Coins Locations Guide


Fortune Valley is a vast open world, filled with sprawling deserts, treacherous mountain roads and vibrant city streets. It is also filled with plenty to see and do, with tons of secret collectibles hidden away in the most discrete of places. 

Throughout the past week with Need for Speed Payback, we've been able to find all 100 Gambler Coins and all 30 Billboards. While the Billboards aren't as tough to find as Marcus Weir's little coins stashed in every nook and cranny around Fortune Valley, some can be difficult to find, and we plan to alleviate this difficulty for you. 

Collecting all 100 Gambler Coins and smashing all 30 Billboards disappointingly does not unlock you anything special, however if you are aiming for the Platinum Trophy on PlayStation 4 or to collect all the achievements on Xbox One and Origin, this will net you both the 'All In' and 'Does Not Obey' trophies/achievements. 

Below are multiple screenshots from each of the four main sections of Fortune Valley, with a full map at the bottom just in case not all coins and billboards are in the screenshots. 

Silver Rock

Gambler Coins: 19

Billboards: 3

Liberty Desert

Gambler Coins: 32

Billboards: 6

Mount Providence

Gambler Coins: 25

Billboards: 9

Ember Valley / Silver Canyon

Gambler Coins: 24

Billboards: 12

Full Map