Naughty Dog Celebrates Outbreak Day with New The Last of Us Part II Content


Since it's PlayStation Experience reveal in December last year, nothing has been said about The Last of Us Part II other than it's still in early stages of development. 

Each year, Naughty Dog likes to celebrate 'Outbreak Day' - the date in the original The Last of Us which begins the apocalypse - by designing new posters and artwork, and discounting The Last of Us merchandise over on PlayStation's Gear Store.

This year we're treated to something The Last of Us Part 2 related, with a free new PlayStation 4 theme, poster and T-Shirt available to purchase. You check out the dynamic theme in action down below, as well as the t-shirt and poster.


Most interestingly is the new piece of artwork, which showcases a bulky, worn arm holding a hammer in a forest backdrop. Rusted cars liter the bottom part of the poster, with one on fire representing a Wolf face in the flames. While this is still nothing to go off of in terms of what The Last of Us Part II's story will be about, many can speculate just what the Wolf face and Hammer have to do with The Last of Us Part II. Not to mention, Outbreak Day 2016 revealed a poster of a females arm with a tribal flower pattern which became Ellie's tattoo seen in the first The Last of Us Part II teaser trailer. 

If you are interesting in picking up either the t-shirt or poster, the poster is available for a limited time until Friday, September 29 at 10:00am PT over on MondoTees. The t-shirt is also available over on the PlayStation Gear Store, as well as further discounts on all available The Last of Us merchandise. 

The Last of Us Part II does not currently have a release date, though with Naughty Dog recently finishing production on Uncharted The Lost Legacy, which you can read our review for here, its safe to assume that The Last of Us Part II has now entered full production, and we are bound to find out something more later this year when PlayStation Experience 2017 comes around.