Need for Speed Payback Trophy/Achievement List Revealed


Ghost Games are seemingly gearing up towards a big push for Need for Speed Payback news, with this week already unveiling the games minimum and recommended PC specs, new Nissan Skyline R34 PC gameplay and Build of the Week #8.

Today, Ghost have released the trophy/achievement list - containing all the miscellaneous objectives and challenges you can expect to do if you're a trophy hunter aiming for the Platinum Trophy, or an achievement hunter going for the 1000 Gamerscore.  

The list of trophies/achievements can be found below, listed by their Xbox Gamerscore, the type of PlayStation trophy they are and their Origin value.

The Ultimate Payback /. PlayStation 4 Platinum Trophy

Collect all trophies

Training Wheels Off /. 10G, Bronze, 10pts

Reach Rep level 2

Top Dog /. 40G, Silver, 40pts

Reach Rep level 50

One Man’s Trash /. 25G, Bronze, 25pts

Assemble a Derelict Car

Another Man’s Treasure /. 25G, Bronze, 25pts

Get a Derelict car to 399 Tier Rating

The Artist /. 20G, Bronze, 20pts

Unlock all Visual Customization points

The Mogul /. 20G, Bronze, 20pts

Buy all available Garage spaces

The Strategist /. 25G, Bronze, 25pts

Grind a previously won event for Speed Cards

Hope and Glory /. 10G, Bronze, 10pts

Equip a full setup with the Americana brand

Outlaws on the Rise /. 10G, Bronze, 10pts

Equip a full setup with the outlaw brand

Tech Mate /. 10G, Bronze, 10pts

Equip a full setup with the NexTech brand

Carbon Cartel /. 10G, Bronze, 10pts

Equip a full setup with the Carbon brand

Under the Hood /. 10G, Bronze, 10pts

Equip a full setup with the Chidori brand

First Strike is Deadly /. 15G, Bronze, 15pts

Complete all 5 events in a Speedlist

The Climb /. 40G, Silver, 40pts

Complete 10 Ranked Speedlist Events

Friendly Competition /. 15G, Bronze, 15pts

Beat your first Autolog Recommendation

A Daily a Day /. 15G, Bronze, 15pts

Complete your first Daily Challenge

You’ve got the Need /. 20G, Bronze, 20pts

Complete all Speed Traps

Flat-Out /. 20G, Bronze, 20pts

Complete all Speed Runs

Sideways Style /. 20G, Bronze, 20pts

Complete all Drift Zones

Aces High /. 20G, Bronze, 20pts

Complete all Jumps

Wherever I May Roam /. 40G, Silver, 40pts

Beat all 4 Roaming Racer Bosses

Does Not Obey /. 20G, Bronze, 20pts

Smash your way through all the Billboards

Tinker, Tailor, Racer, Fly /. 10G, Bronze, 10pts

Win a Race Event with a modified live tuning setup

Scrappy Racer /. 10G, Bronze, 10pts

Win an event using a Derelict Car

Comeback is Real /. 10G, Bronze, 10pts

Be last during the final lap or a race and still win

1500 bhp…Easy /. 25G, Bronze, 25pts

Win a race in the Koenigsegg Regera without damaging it

Perfect Shift /. 20G, Bronze, 20pts

Win a Drag Race round by performing only perfect shifts

Still Not Loving Police /. 40G, Silver, 40pts

Take down 100 cop vehicles

Active Lifestyle /. 40G, Silver, 40pts

Get a 3 star rating on all the activities in the game

Cover Stars /. 40G, Silver, 40pts

Own the BMW (F90) 2017, NISSAN Skyline GT-R (1999) and Chevrolet Bel Air

Driving the Incredible /. 25G, Bronze, 25pts

Get a score of over 350.000 points with the BMW (F90) 2017 during a Drift Trial event

Supercars for Breakfast /. 25G, Bronze, 25pts

Beat all the members of the 1% Club roaming racers league in the NISSAN GT-R

Take down 100 cops? Easy peasy!

Most of these trophies/achievements seem very simple to obtain, with most being your standard Need for Speed objectives – reaching Max Rep Level, assemble a Derelict Car, Buy all Garage spaces, equip a full setup from each of the five brands, Beat an Autolog Recommendation, Take down 100 cops, Complete all Jumps/Drift Zones/Speed Runs etc. There are also 20 hidden trophies/achievements to collect, which are no doubt tied to Need for Speed Payback's Single Player campaign.

However, the list reveals new information about the game that we’ve previously not heard of, including the inclusion of Jumps and smashable Billboard collectibles, Visual Customization Points, Speed Traps, the return of Activities from Need for Speed (2015), Ranked Multiplayer Speedlists and most interestingly, the Roaming Racers League.

Jumps and Billboards were forms of collectibles in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012), coming from previous Need for Speed developers roots with Burnout Paradise. While this could be a controversial inclusion for some that disliked the Burnout-influenced Need for Speed games, they add to the list of side-activities players can expect to complete in free-roam.

Smashable Billboard collectibles from Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) are making a return in Need for Speed Payback.

Activities, which were added to Need for Speed (2015) towards the end of its content cycle, are returning – with trophies confirming Speed Run activities will return and will have a 3-star rating system based on how long it takes to complete them. While the only other type of activity was Drift Corners, it seems as if Drift Corners will return asDrift Zones.

While unclear if they are a collectible, activity or event type, Speed Traps will be featured in Need for Speed Payback. In Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005), Speed Traps were events requiring racers to drive at their fastest possible speed past multiple speed cameras to get the highest accumulated speed record at the end of the race. In Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) however, these were merely collectible types which were triggered by in a similar fashion, but stored in a Autolog Leaderboard for friends to try beat your highest top speed.

Not much has been revealed for Need for Speed Payback’s multiplayer component as of yet other than the game is no longer always-online. Based on the trophy list, Speedlists, which were also added into Need for Speed (2015), will make a return as one of the online PvP modes. With trophies for completing all events in a Speedlist and completing 10 Ranked Speedlists, it could be possible we may see Casual and Competitive Speedlist types.

Speedlists were added to Need for Speed (2015) as a free content update back in April 2016, as well as Activities and Prestige Mode.

Roaming Racers League is the most interesting, where it sounds as if Need for Speed Payback will feature AI racers in free-roam which will be a part of different clubs. There are two trophies with descriptions pointing to this - "Beat all the members of the 1% Club roaming racers league in the NISSAN GT-R" and "Beat all 4 Roaming Racer Bosses". By the sounds of it, there will be a league comprising of four clubs (one of which called the 1% Club), requiring you to go up against each of the members before unlocking the clubs boss to beat them. If this is what the Roaming Racer League ends up being in Payback, this adds an interesting new level to the existence of AI racers roaming in the world than just randomly challenging them to a race. 

Overall the trophy/achievement list seems very obtainable much like Need for Speed (2015)'s list while at the same time filled with fun challenges to do, which I'll definitely be going for the Platinum Trophy in. Lets just hope if Ghost plan on adding DLC-related trophies/achievements in the future, they're not as difficult as getting Gold medals on all Prestige Mode events (Seriously, I still can't do it!) Will you be going for the Platinum Trophy/ 1000 Gamerscore in Need for Speed Payback, or do you not care for trophies/achievements and just care about the new information that came from their descriptions?