BMW X6 M Goes Off-Roading in New Need for Speed Payback Gameplay


New gameplay for Need for Speed Payback has been released, this time showcasing off-road races in a brand new car - The 2016 BMW X6 M.


The new gameplay shows Mac, one of the three main protagonists you'll play as in Need for Speed Payback, attempting an off-roading race in a wide body BMW X6 M across Liberty Desert, the desert region found in Fortune Valley.

This is the first time we've seen gameplay of another character besides Tyler since Need for Speed Payback's reveal, meaning Mac will be the character you play as throughout the story when it comes to off-road events. Each action Mac makes throughout he's constantly reacting to, meaning depending on what character you're playing as in Payback, they will each react differently to whatever scenarios they end up in.

The beginning of the demo gives a brief look at the previously revealed side-betting feature in action, which you can read about along with a bunch of other news from Gamescom here.

The gameplay also gives us a look at a bunch of new cars that are shown off throughout the demo, including a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, 2015 Ford Focus RS, 2015 Honda Civic Type- R, Mercedes A45 AMG and a Mercedes Benz G Class.

As September approaches, we are almost two months away from the release of Need for Speed Payback. Are you excited for to drive cars such as the Ford Focus, BMW X6 M and the R32 GTR off-road in the game, and what are you hoping to see the next time we get more Payback Gameplay? Considering gameplay from Jess' perspective has yet to be shown, we could be seeing that next. Let us know in the comments down below!