Need for Speed Payback: Build of the Week #1 - 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air


Ghost Games have launched a new series over on the official Need for Speed website known as Build of the Week - a weekly series running up to launch showcasing "uniquely modified" cars that will feature in Need for Speed Payback.


Week One of Build of the Week kicks off with the previously announced Chevrolet Bel Air - one of Paybacks five derelict cars scattered around Fortune Valley. Derelicts are hidden collectible vehicles players can discover in the open world, bring back to life and turn into monstrous super cars once all parts have been collected. New screenshots of the Bel Air in all three forms - Scrap, Stock and Super Car - can be found below along with a brief description of its design.



Super Car

Visually, this Chevrolet Bel Air is built to take on the offroad with chunky oversized tires and big Rekon B57B rims. To make room for the big tires we’ve fitted some cut out and widened carbon fenders and added a beefed up front bumper with plenty of lightbars. It’s all finished off with custom ducktail spoiler and a one of a kind offroader wouldn’t be the same without a wrap filled with attitude.

To go along with the new screenshots of each upgrading tier, Ghost have also included a modifications list showing which parts and perks are currently equipped to the Bel Air as well as the cars performances statistics. 

Announced last week, performance parts play a bigger role in Need for Speed Payback than ever. Each performance part has a maximum level of 18, the higher the level, the more powerful your ride becomes performance wise. The level of these parts helps dictate which Tier your vehicles falls under - with Tier 1.0 comprising of only level 1 parts, and Tier 3.99 comprising of all level 18 parts. For more information on Performance customization, be sure to check out last weeks run-down on all the new information

Need for Speed Payback launches in thirteen weeks time on November 10th, so expect to find the remaining twelve builds right here on The Nobeds. What cars are you hoping to see in Need for Speed Payback that you'd like to see get a full-blown customization reveal on Build of the Week? Let us know in the comments, and we'll see you next week with the unveiling of a new vehicle.