The Next Need for Speed Could be the Best in YEARS


With this article I could very much just re-explain exactly what was mentioned in my video released the day the news dropped. But to give you a different approach than that of the video as most of you (I assume) would have seen that, I'll instead explain my reading between the lines.

In my video I mentioned the obvious points stated in the Ghost article, but what about if we read into it? What else can we get from this post?

Well it's very clear to me that Ghost Games are dedicated to fixing the titles biggest issues. Not just starting with this article, but even before it. Having played Need for Speed 2015 from the very beginning and still now, Ghost added many community requested features for FREE during the games life cycle. Photo mode, new events and story, Speedlists, manual transmission and more. I honestly think Ghost should be thanked on these acts alone, especially when the game had no DLC and no microtransactions... at all. Not just at launch, none later down the line, none at all.

Wether you wanted downloadable content or not, you have to admire the fact that Ghost Games were not only listening, but deciding to provide updates and content for free when they could have just left the title as is and waited until the next title.

Rhyno Unit, Heavy SUV (Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2005)

Fast forward on to 2017 and Ghost Games is back with the next installment. The article outright confirms the fact there will be a split singleplayer and multiplayer, no always online and the ability to pause from day one. These were some of the biggest complaints thrown at Ghost Games in their last title. There are also hints to the long requested possible return of Rhino units. For those unsure, these units made the police chases in Need for Speed go from 10 to 11. Heavy SUV's would drive STRAIGHT FOR YOU. HEAD ON. Once hit, the panic to rush up to speed again before the police caught you... massively intense.

Canyon battle (Need for Speed: Carbon 2006)

Do I even need to explain how much canyons have been requested? All the way back from Need for Speed Carbon (2006), these events were the definition of intense racing. Flying down a mountain road, one on one, with the possibility of falling off the mountain being one mistake away. Throw in some intense music, the roaring engine sounds and snarky comments from your competition popping up into display there's no wonder so many of us raged yet adored these races. 

Will they be returning as they are in Carbon? Probably not, but the fact that Ghost are attempting to throw back at so many fan favourite games and add highly requested features shows that they love Need for Speed as much as we, the long time players do. I couldn't think of a better team to have creative control over possibly the greatest racing game series to exist, having seen the passion first hand... I know EA chose well.

I didn't even mention the mentions of a day and night cycle, bigger map, crazier customization and hints at offroading yet I'm pretty sure that to even an outsider to racing games can see that Ghost seriously want to take the series back to it's glory days, yet attempt to top them feature wise. In a time in where most racing games release a pack of the same cars 3 games in a row, you have to admire that Ghost are trying.

Keep it up guys,

A massive Need for Speed fan.