Welcome to The Nobeds website! To get right to the point we plan for this website to be a gaming blog you can come to when you don't want your reviews filled with rubbish. We'll point out the things that ACTUALLY matter and not moan about the irrelevant for the whole post. But it's not only reviews, you can also expect articles that introduce you to whole new aspects of the games you play regularly. For a start, do you KNOW how big the car scene is in GTA Online alone? It's insane!

We hope that you'll find a good amount of stuff you care about here, we have a broad team from the go to cover multiple areas of gaming from sports games to hardware to racing games. You can actually learn about the whole of the team here. We promise we'll never just report "OH MY GOD A NEW FORZA GAME LEAKED, BEST GAME" as honestly that would be against the whole idea behind this website. Fresh and interesting content, content for the guys like myself that have put over a months play time into GTA Online and dig through every inch of the internet for the latest information on the next Need for Speed.

To make sure we stick to our promises, I thought i'd list the main ones below, that way you can always shout at us if something is against what we originally stated.

Our promises:

  • No review scores - we just don't agree with them
  • End reviews with points that ACTUALLY matter - No HURDUR DROPPED 1 FRAME
  • Huge community involvement - you guys are the reason this site exists 
  • The right people reviewing the right games - for example a racing game guy isn't going to review FIFA
  • Report what matters - I don't care that the Nintendo Switch is less powerful than the PS4/XBO
  • Actually play (or intend to play ASAP) the games we write about

Again, this is a constantly expanding list of promises. The main promise is that you wont be messed about, we actually play games.